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The Beginning

Yehoshua started as a Rabbi and Chana a teacher who shared a passion for helping others. On their way to India to open a Chabad House, they stopped in Israel for the summer and are still living there today. In order to be able to provide meat for their planned Shlichut in India, Yehoshua took a shechita course that turned into a 10-year specialization taking him through the ins and outs of the Israeli meat industry. Having gone with his teachers and mentors to growers around the country and Europe, he became expert in the varied growing practices and production methods that existed. Yehoshua became certified as a Shochet, Bodek Pnim, Bbodek Chutz, Bodek Sakinim, Menaker, and butcher for both livestock and poultry. He went around the country collecting Mesorot to allow him to shecht specialty animals as well. Weeks at a time were spent out in the fields and grazing lands with animals and years and years inside production centers and slaughterhouses. When friends started telling us that they wanted us to help them get better quality, Mehadrin, local fresh meat, the bud of Artzenu sprouted. And as friends told friends, Artzenu blossomed into a business that focuses fully on providing the highest quality locally sourced, humanely raised, ethically treated, Mehadrin fresh meat available in Israel.

Our Vision

Our first year, we worked as a co-op group who “cow shared”- meaning everyone got equal amounts from all the cuts of the animal. Working like this we learned to value the importance of respectfully using all parts of the animal. We and our customers benefited from including varied types and cuts of meat in our diets. This includes organ meats as well as all cuts of the front and hind quarter of the animal. We pride ourselves on having all available for our customers use.
We traveled the country, meeting ranchers raising cattle, lamb, duck and poultry, searching for growers who raise animals how we want: outdoors, on pasture, room to move around, access to clean water, with no hormones, no antibiotics, kindly treated, raised with “family/social” groups and in close proximity to processing facilities to minimize travel. Only when we find growers who meet our high expectation for animal welfare do we add products to our menu. We first offered beef, lamb and goat, then duck, then organic free-range chickens and turkeys. We have introduced many handmade specialty items in the time since then and look forward to continuing adding to our offering of the best that Artzenu has to offer.
We aspire to nourish our family by feeding them food that we feel good about. Therefore, we oversee the whole production process from the grower to your door to ensure no games are played with the meat. We never add additives, preservatives, water injections, nitrites, phosphates, chemicals, or artificial enhancers of any kind to any of our products. We bring you fully natural and healthily prepared meats. We struggled to find kid friendly or ready to eat meats that were free of nitrates, food colorings, gluten, alcohol, grains and added oils, so we decided we needed to make them ourselves. Our sausages, beef burgers, hand cured beef bacon and smoked meats are all made exclusively with natural ingredients so you and your kids can enjoy them!
We at Artzenu believe that our products should be healthy not just for the body but for the soul as well. That is why we hold ourselves to the highest standards of Kashrut. We hold all our products to the most rigorous Badatz standards and higher. Beef, Lamb and Goat - Knives are checked before and after every animal is slaughtered. Animals are only brought in one at a time for shechting. All the meat is Chalak L’Chumra, meaning that is acceptable both to Ashkenazi and Sephardic opinions. The lungs as well as stomach, and any relevant internal organ, are checked to make sure the animal was completely healthy and is Chalak. חלק לדעת המהר"ן הבית יוסף ולחומרות הרמ"א. Poultry - Chickens are shechted at a peaceful rate of 12 per minute. Ducks and turkeys are shechted at 8 per minute. Knives are checked after every 15 fowl are slaughtered. All lungs, tendons, and intestines are checked before salting to ensure completely Mehadrin animals. Any animal which does not uphold these Kashrut checks are not included in Artzenu’s orders. We believe that animals need to be treated well during the shechita process and are vigilant to only work in factories and slaughterhouses that are: 1) Certified through the veterinary services of Misrad Habriut and the Misrad Hachaklaut. 2) All transportation of animals is only through certified trucks and drivers. 3) Facilities are provided for animals with food, drink, shelter and shade and space to move while awaiting shechita. 4) There is an easy and safe route for animals to be brought from the waiting areas to the shechting facilities. 5) Animals are never prodded or beaten. 6) Appropriate amount of time is observed between slaughtering and processing.
We believe in the land of Israel and its people. As Olim, we gave up our comfortable American lives to come close to and support the land and people of Israel. Living in the north we are acutely aware how the grazing lands provide an essential role by ‘holding” many open spaces along our borderlands. We believe strongly in supporting the local artisans who are committed to growing locally and are proud to provide jobs to our Israeli employees and to contribute directly to supporting the nation of Israel. All animals are born and raised in Israel. All slaughtering and production is done in Israel. Locally produced with the bounty of Eretz Yisroel is our greatest pride and the source of our name- Artzenu- Our Land.
When we arrived in Israel it was impossible for us to find meat with the freshness and kashrut we were used to. We wanted to change that. Freshly slaughtered meat is tastier and, in our opinion, healthier as well. Artzenu is structured specifically to allow us to bring you the freshest possible meat! We organize regular shechting and production of all products, year-round, to make sure our customers get the freshest meat possible. To preserve freshness, our products are delivered frozen in a licensed freezer van.
When we first got to Israel and went shopping, all the meat had numbers on them rather than names of cuts. We struggled to find recognizable cuts and even after learning the Israeli system we struggled with the lack of quality cuts. Where were the bone-in steaks? Where were the dinosaur ribs? London broil, BRISKET? We were at a loss as to why these cuts were unavailable till we learned about the fundamental differences in Israeli production. We oversee the way our animals are butchered at every cut to ensure we get the best cuts from all butchery styles - American steaks and briskets, European osso bucco, Israeli asado. We have invented our own butchery system to bring you the best possible cuts from every animal. In order to make each cut as useable as possible, each individual package comes with the name of the cut written in both English and Hebrew.
We started out as co-op amongst friends and continue to run the business like that today. We want you to feel a part of the family when you order from us. We love getting to know each and every one of our customers and for that reason our regular driver brings each package door to door with a smile. We have an active online community on Facebook where our customers can interact, share recipes and ideas and where we upload new and helpful videos and content regularly. Our staff strives to be available and as helpful as possible. We are bringing American style customer service with a smile into the Israeli mainstream!
Around 85% of the meat in the Israeli market is brought in frozen and pre-packaged from overseas. Of the remaining 15% of fresh meat available, 90% is from animals which are imported by boat, live, at a young age and then raised to slaughter weight in feed lots. This process is very stressful for the animals, and has a huge environmental impact due to the transport involved. We work with ONLY Israeli born and raised animals. This is less then 1.5% of the meat available on the Israeli market. We are committed to this as it is the most humane and environmentally friendly option for eating meat. In our opinion, eating fresh and non-stressed meat is healthier, tastier and better for our bodies, souls, and the planet. We take care every step of the way to make sure the meat is raised well, processed humanely, expertly butchered, carefully packaged, and delivered seamlessly. We want you to be able to prepare our meat with confidence in your kitchen, knowing that you are giving the best to yourself and your family.

Our Commitment to You

Artzenu is the culmination of our decades of passion for the land of Israel and its local bounty, for healthy and sustainable food, good cooking, and the community that gets built around the table. It is sustained by our deep commitment to our customers to bring them the best this land has to offer.

We take care every step of the way to make sure the meat is raised well, processed humanely, expertly butchered, carefully packaged, and delivered seamlessly. We want you to be able to prepare our meat with confidence in your kitchen, knowing that you are giving the best to yourself and your family.

Yehoshua and Chana Tibor

It is our great pleasure to bring these delicious meats to your table. We look forward to feeding you soon!


Beef, Lamb, Goat & Charcuterie

Mehadrin Chalak Lechumra certification from Rabbanut Katzrin under the supervision of Harav Yosef Levi Shlita, Chief Rabbi of Katzrin. Supervising Mashgiach, Yaakov Farsha. Shechting is done by private Chabad Shechita.

Organic Free Range Chicken

Kosher LeMehadrin supervision of Rabbanut Katzrin under the supervision of Harav Yosef Levi Shlita, Chief Rabbi of Katzrin. Supervising Mashgiach, Yaakov Farsh Shechita is done under Rabbanut Netivot, under the supervision of Rav Hamashchita Harav Yisroel Kirzon Shlita.

Organic Free Range Turkey

Kosher LeMehadrin supervision of Rabbanut Katzrin under the supervision of Harav Yosef Levi Shlita, Chief Rabbi of Katzrin. Supervising Mashgiach, Yaakov Farsha. Shechita is done under Rabbanut Emek Hefer, under the supervision of Rav Hamashchita Harav Yosef Karasik Shlita.


Kosher LeMehadrin supervision of Rabbanut Tzfat, under the supervision of Rav Hamashchita Harav Machluf Shlita. Shechting is done by private Chabad Shechita.


We work as a direct to customer business and as such we do not have a storefront or shop. ALL orders are done through delivery. We have routes that access most main cities in Israel. We can arrange to go into smaller communities when there are 5 or more orders. If you live in an area outside the regular delivery routes we are still happy to take your order and arrange a meeting point with you or an alternate drop point at a friend, neighbor or relative who lives along our regular route.

Our delivery happens at fixed times as we come from the Golan Heights and have many deliveries to do on a given day. We communicate openly with customers as to the expected delivery time Customers are responsible to be available during that time slot, or to arrange alternatives with us in advance. We communicate through email, cell phone calls as well as Whatsapp.

Deliveries to most areas happen on a bi-weekly basis.

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We organize slaughter on a regular basis to ensure the freshness of our products. Instead of slaughtering once a year with en-mass freezing, we slaughter multiple times a month, vacum pack and flash freeze and deliver our newest products to you. This ensures the best quality and flavor and is much fresher than most frozen meat you find in a store.
Our chicken and turkey products are certified as free range and organic. Our beef, lamb, goat, and duck are better than organic! Certification doesn't always mean everything you want it to mean; for example, USDA organic standards allow animals to be raised in near total confinement and fed nothing but organic corn and still are called “organic." Those practices are unacceptable to us - we want the animals to be outside and enjoy life in their natural setting. Our animals are all raised outdoors on pasture, with plenty of room to move around, forage and otherwise express their natural tendencies.
In general, you can follow your favorite recipes for all our products. Since our pastured meats have so much flavor, you may find yourself grilling a steak or roasting a chicken with nothing but salt, pepper and olive oil so you can really enjoy the taste of the meat itself -- no complicated sauces needed.
Living in the Middle East, we don’t live in a climate that has fresh green grass available to animals all year. Therefore, including some grain in our cattle's diet helps us deliver a more affordable, tender, delicious and consistent product. The animals NEVER receive growth hormones or routine doses of preventative antibiotics. Our finishing yards are clean, spacious and animals are healthy and well-cared for. Their 100% vegetarian diet (no animal by-products) consists of a balance of hay, grass and grain. Although it's the topic of much press and conversation, feeding grain to cattle is not always a bad thing. Feeding cattle only grain makes them sick, which is the practice on large feedlots. We abhor the practices of these large feedlots, where overcrowded, malnourished cattle are routinely fed antibiotics to help them put on weight for slaughter as quickly as possible. However, cattle naturally eat grain in their diets (grass seeds are grains), and people have been feeding animals limited amounts of grain for millennia to produce flavorful, well-marbled meat (see Harold McGee, On Food and Cooking, p. 135). In contrast to feedlot beef, our animals are healthy as evidenced by our extremely high kosher rates and extremely low incidence of illness. We examine every animal before slaughter, and again after slaughter (checking innards) and attest that our animals are healthy and do not suffer from the grain (in fact, they eat it eagerly!).
While the arguments for and against GMOs are complex, we do encourage our farmers to use GMO-free feed where possible. Note that in all cases grain feed is a supplement to the diet of pasture grasses available to the animals. When we assure you that our meat is produced according to the strictest standards of kashrut, animal welfare, worker treatment, and sustainable agriculture, we do mean just that: we are taking many aspects of meat productions into consideration to produce the best kosher meat on the market. We have spent considerable time and effort exploring the field (including working on small farms, in butcher shops, and slaughterhouses across the country), and we haven't yet been able to find beef produced with GMO-free grain that also meets our other standards, including feed being grown nearby, being able to slaughter the animals in facilities near to where they are raised, supporting small farms and production facilities with good working conditions, while producing high quality delicious meat under rigorous kashrut supervision. These aspects are all critical to us in piecing together the puzzle of kosher sustainable agriculture today. If avoiding GMOs is of critical importance to you, we hope you'll check out our Organic and Free Range poultry where the feed is fully GMO free.
We do hope to carry organic eggs in the near future. We do not currently work in the dairy industry. It is not practical for us to ship or deliver at this time, but we suggest that you talk to a vendor at your local farmer's market or search on Nourishing Israel for a nearby source.
All of our chicken and ducks are kosher for Passover year-round with no additional markings on the package. After we kasher our production center for Pesach, packages are marked with a Kosher for Pesach stamp.
Sometimes sharp bones or routine handling during processing will cause punctures in the packaging. However, your meat is still completely safe to eat; we recommend defrosting it over a plate or bowl to avoid leakage.
We deliver to most parts of the country (in Israel) on a weekly basis. Our online store will show you the delivery times and options available to you, based on your address. If you dont see your area listed with a delivery option, please contact us so we can discuss delivery options with you: orders@artzenu.co.il or call 053-301-9977
You can make changes to your order via our online store. If we have not already begun preparing your order for delivery, we will do our best to accommodate your requests. You will not be able to change your order once we have started processing your order.
Being that every animal and therefore every cut is a different size sometimes you will receive a bit more than the listed weight, and sometimes a bit less. Our customers find that on average they receive what they are expecting. But if you find that your actual weights in an order vary greatly from what you were expecting, please snap a picture of the weight labels and send it over to us, and we'll be happy to make things right.
Yes! We love it when our customers tell their friends. We offer a “refer a friend” special where both you and your friend get free delivery when they place their first order. Tell your friends to mention your name in the notes of their first order and we will automatically apply the discount. Thank you in advance for spreading the word!


At Artzenu, we make every effort to supply you with the highest quality products. We are committed customer service and would love to hear from you! Feel free to contact us anytime via email or phone!

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